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It was a pleasure working with Melanie during the last 6 months. She is knowledgeable and competent, with a thirst to always learn more about her industry. She is a resourceful, exceptionally detail oriented, thorough, and results-driven professional. Melanie’s outgoing personality and collaborative nature allowed her to jump right into our project and work easily within our team. Melanie was also instrumental in outsourcing additional creative talent to support our marketing efforts.
— Samantha Barnes, Founder of Raddish Kids & Kitchen Kid, LLC

I hired Melanie at Quarterly and would hire her again in a heartbeat. We needed revenue growth, increased traffic, leadership, initiative, team management, creative direction, strategy, better internal/external communications, revised processes, and quality vendor/brand partnerships. She 100% delivered and is a big reason for Quarterly’s growth, success and eventual acquisition.
— CRO, Quarterly Co.

Melanie has been a fantastic partner to work with. Her strengths in communication, goal-setting and transparency of KPIs make partnering with her a true pleasure. During the time we worked together, we consistently achieved strong results because we both worked towards the same goals that she had laid out. As a consultant, it’s hard to find client partners that you look forward to speaking with, and Melanie was always one of these people. I hope I get the honor of working with her again in the future.
— CEO, Co-Founder, Foxwell Digital

Melanie jumped into our chaotic startup world and quickly identified pressing needs in the universe of marketing (and beyond) and figured out how to efficiently fulfill them. She is driven and self motivated, and cared deeply about the success of the company and the role she had to play in that. More importantly, as the priorities and strategy of the company evolved, she was always willing and able to evolve with them and keep the broader mission of the company in mind. This flexibility was prized in a workplace that moved and changed quickly. She is also a quick study and eager to learn new skills that could help with the job.
— CEO, Quarterly Co.

Melanie and I worked very closely on my Twitter initiatives. She is great to work with on a personal and professional level. I would highly recommend her.
— Aliza Licht, Author of Leave Your Mark